Innovative Swiss made protection

WoopSkinz® Protection

Swiss Made Protection for your device

Our customizable WoopSkinz display and all-round protection films as well as the stylish WoopSkinz protection films guarantee individual design, highest material quality, ultra-thin device protection and lightning-fast installation.

Made for more than 1000
Available in over 200
Produced in 1


Swiss Made
Swiss Quality

Swiss Made means that we design, produce, pack and ship our WoopSkinz products in Switzerland. In this way, we offer our customers quality Swiss quality rather than low quality products.



Made with the unique SelfHealing technology, WoopSkinz protective films are like a wafer-thin shield - every product protects the display, back and sides and corners.



Whether tablet, laptop, smartwatch, smartphone or any other electronic device - with WoopSkinz we offer the perfect, tailor-made protection for every device!

WoopSkinz® Clear Protection

Up to 360° protection of your device

Anti-glare and mirror-free film. Our unique SelfHealing WoopSkinz Clear films protect smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and much more from scratches and signs of use. Our cling film is so thin that you barely notice it.

  • Better grip, more grip!
  • Tailor-made
  • Self Healing-Technology
  • 360° protection
  • HD clarity
  • Quality
WoopSkinz® Matte Protection

Up to 360° protection of your device

You probably know that too: you're trying to read the route planner or website on your mobile phone, and it's almost impossible because the sun is dazzling.

Our WoopSkinz Matte protective film made with the newest coating technology, enables a glare- and mirror-free surface especially for mobile devices.

  • Tailored for all devices
  • Anti-glare and mirror-free film
  • No more fingerprints
  • 360° protection
WoopSkinz® Style Protection

Pimp up your device

Do you have your own style? Thanks to WoopSkinz Style you will also find the right look for your device. Our different skins, whether matte, colored or textured, allow you to tailor your device to fit your style, your personality or your living environment.

  • The personal touch
  • Tailor-made
  • Like a second skin
  • Every day a new look
WoopSkinz® Prime Protection
Prime - the best possible protection for every device!

With WoopSkinz Prime you make your smartphone, tablet or your other electronic devices surge-proof - unbreakable, safer and more resistant than bulletproof glass !!

WoopSkinz Prime products are made of patented materials and, unlike conventional glass screen protectors, adhere securely to the device without breaking them in the event of a blow.

  • Self Healing-Technology
  • Shockproof
  • Easy installation
  • HD clarity
Made with in Switzerland

Swiss Designed.
Swiss Made.

WoopSkinz® Protection

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